Our Process is Playfully Painstaking

Consider our process a happy interrogation. (Sorry, but making sure you’re happy requires a lot of questions.) Don’t worry, we’re here to provide plenty of answers, too, as well as good cheer and laughter. After all, shopping for tile and granite should be fun.

From the moment you enter 120th Avenue, you’ll realize you’re much more than just another sale to us. You’re somebody with specific needs, goals and wishes. Our showroom is designed to feel welcoming and intimate, because we encourage exploration, interaction and conversation. Yes, by all means, touch the granite. Sure, you can bring samples home to weigh your options.

Regardless of who you’re working with, our sales team, our designers, our engineers—our owner, Jacob—we will go the extra mile. We look forward to getting to know you. So please do go ahead and browse. Ask questions. Take your time.

Once you’ve made your selection, precision is the name of our game. Ordering. Scheduling. Measuring. Digital templating. Cutting. Polishing. Loading and unloading. Installing. Every step is handled with the utmost care and attention to detail. Your problem is our project, and your happiness is our honor.

Step #1 - Ordering

Sales initiates and completes the sale of granite, then a digital file is forwarded from Sales to Suzanne for Scheduling and Routing for Template & Installation.

Step #2 - Scheduling

Template and Installation is Scheduled with the Customer.

Step #3 - Digital Templating

Kevin goes out to customer's home and Templates all surfaces digitally. Keven then provides Luke with the digital template once he returns to the 1261 locations. A checklist & digital photos are completed by Kevin with the customer onsite to make sure all details have been reviewed and we are properly informed of the customers wishes. Kevin then returns to 1261 and provides Luke with the digital template file. Luke uploads the digital template into AutoCAD to clean up the drawing file. Luke then calls the customer and reviews all details and options inclusive of sink, edge detail, additional supports if needed for overhangs and finer details for fireplace surrounds and the like.

Step #4 - BACA Saw

The drawing file is uploaded by Luke to the BACA saw and reviewed with Les. Les then moves the customers stone slab and places it onto the BACA saw table. A camera is positioned over the slab which is positioned on the saw table and the drawing file is digitally overlaid onto the slab. A digital photo is displayed on the computer screen for viewing. Les reviews the file and moves it digitally to align the stone's natural veins prior to cutting.

Step #5 - Cutting

Les reviews the options for seam placement then signals the saw to begin cutting.

Step #6 - Polishing

Once the stone is cut, it is moved into the polishing phase where Mark & Gerardo finish the edge details. The stone fabrication is completed and is then placed on a cart positioned in line for the previously scheduled installation.

Step #7 - Loading & Unloading

The installers; Dan and Dan load the finished fabricated stone onto the truck and secure it for delivery. A courtesy call is placed to the customer prior to installation by Suzanne.

Step #8 - Installing

Dan and Dan arrive at the customers home and install the stone counter tops and vanities accordingly.